Jack Rory Learns His Destiny

Jack Rory and his old friend Yoda sat side by side. yodajackrory1

“Sad, you seem, my young apprentice,” Yoda remarked. “Troubling you, what is? Hmmmm?”

“Oh Master Yoda, I can never hide anything from you,” Jack Rory sighed. “It’s just…it’s just…well, I met this girl. And now I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again.”

“Girls not make one great,” Yoda replied. “Jack Rory’s strength flows from the Force.”


“Right, the Force!” Jack Rory exclaimed. “Can I use the Force to locate my lady?!”

“Jack Rory uses the Force for knowledge and defense, NEVER for stalking,” Yoda reminded his friend gently. IMG_3589“I know….I know…,” Jack Rory said. “It’s just that…well…she was like no one else I’ve ever met before. I can’t stop thinking about her.”


“All ears, Yoda is,” Yoda said.


Jack Rory began telling Yoda about the wonderful night he had spent in the company of the mysterious girl whose name he had forgotten. As he spoke, Yoda used the Force as a visual aid.


“And so, you see, Yoda, I just HAVE to find her,” Jack Rory said as he finished his story. “I don’t know what I’ll do without her in my life.”


Yoda took a deep breath. “Jack Rory,” he said. “Heh. Unexpected this is. Disappointed am I. Not for you, is this life you envision.”

“But…” Jack Rory began.

“But NOT,” Yoda said firmly. “Do, or do not. There is no but. Focus, you must, Jack Rory. Control, control, you must learn control! If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.”


“Destiny!!!” Jack Rory screamed. “That’s IT!! That’s her name!!! Oh, thank you, Master Yoda, THANK you!!!”

In a fit of gratitude, he threw his arms around Yoda’s neck.


And then he was off, to seek his Destiny.




I'm Sarah. I like to write things. Terrible things. I'm available to write terrible things for you. You can contact me at terriblethingshavehappened.gmail.com.
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