Jack Rory’s head was spinning. He had spent an unforgettable night with Destiny, challenging the realms of what he had known to be possible and exceeding the boundaries of his wildest imaginings. But despite his best efforts, he could not forget the image of Karen‘s enraged face, and the snarl in her voice as she ordered him to talk to her. NOW.


What could possibly have been so urgent?

There was only one person who could help him sort out his thoughts. And that person was Yoda.


Without wasting another moment, Jack Rory contacted his old friend to arrange a rendezvous.


“Be there I will, Jack Rory,” Yoda said solemnly. “Served you wisely, your instincts have. Speak, we must.”

“Great, thanks, Yoda,” Jack Rory said. Relieved, he replaced the phone on the cradle and went to rouse Destiny from her slumber.



Later that day, Jack Rory met up with Yoda in a local park. Children romped around them and animals grazed peacefully.


“Tired you look, Jack Rory,” Yoda said without preamble. “Sleep more, you should. The bed is a place of rest, not only of activity.”

“Tired, I am, Yoda…I mean, yes, I’m tired,” Jack Rory snapped. “But that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Know already the reason for our meeting, I do,” Yoda said. “Your Destiny.”

“Yes!” Jack Rory said. “How do you DO that?”


“The Force, Jack Rory,” Yoda said. “A Jedi’s strength flows from the Force.”

“Right, the Force” Jack Rory said. “So anyway, I just got back into town and met up with Destiny. It’s been everything I ever dreamed it could be, except…”

“Another woman, you have. Problems there are. Devastation and destruction there will be,” Yoda intoned.

“Well, I don’t think it’s that serious, Yoda,” Jack Rory said. “It’s more of an awkward situation than anything else.”

“That serious it is, Jack Rory,” Yoda replied. “Know this, I do. And tell you this, I must. Not for you is Destiny. There is a dark path ahead and choose it, you must not.”


“What does that even mean, Yoda?” Jack Rory asked irately. “Can you give me a straight answer for once?”

“If once you start down the dark path, Jack Rory, forever will it dominate your Destiny,” Yoda said.

“Aw, forget it,” Jack Rory said. “Thanks for nothing, Yoda. I’ll see you when I see you.”

Whirling on his heel, he stormed away from Yoda.


“Jack Rory!” Yoda called after him, his eyes wide. “Grave concern, I have for you. Listen to me, you must!”

But it was too late. Jack Rory was already gone.





I'm Sarah. I like to write things. Terrible things. I'm available to write terrible things for you. You can contact me at
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