(Previously: IT TAKES A VILLAGE)

With the baby ostensibly in capable hands, there was nothing holding Jack Rory back from resuming the wanton lifestyle he had previously enjoyed with Destiny. (Destiny, for her part, was as enthusiastic as ever.)


However, his brief foray into fatherhood had affected Jack Rory in ways he could not quite discern. Moonlit pegasus rides with Destiny, his hands cupping her limber hips as they gyrated in time with their mount’s footfalls, didn’t hold the same appeal they once had.


Watching Destiny go through her sultry paces at work was no longer a thrill.



Waking up beside Destiny’s silky flesh each morning was getting downright repetitive.


Destiny couldn’t help but notice his sudden reticence, and in the absence of any other explanation, she was quick to blame herself.


Jack Rory wanted to reassure her, but he could not pinpoint the source of his apathy.  With each passing hour, he sank deeper and deeper into his funk.


Finally, Destiny had had enough. She came home from work one night and announced that she had a plan.

“We’re going to couples counseling,” she informed Jack Rory. “Get ready. It starts in one hour.”

Jack Rory had never been particularly trusting of mental health professionals, and couples counseling sounded especially dreary to him. But he knew that if he wanted to stay true to his Destiny, he had to give it a shot.


“OK, I’ll go,” he said.

Visibly relieved, Destiny smiled tightly at him. All the same, he had a sense she was holding something back.

An hour later, they arrived at the counseling center and were directed into a bright and cheery room by the receptionist.

They were not alone. Four other couples stood clustered awkwardly in the room, studiously avoiding eye contact with one another.


“You didn’t tell me this was group therapy!” Jack Rory hissed at Destiny in alarm.


“I didn’t tell you it wasn’t,” she replied demurely.




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