(Previously: CIRCLE OF TRUST)

[Editor’s note: Jack Rory had a brief hiatus this week due to a faulty Internet connection and general holiday mania. We now return to the saga already in progress.]

Destiny was getting frustrated.


After Jack Rory’s big breakthrough at group therapy, she had hoped he would return to being his former self. The Jack Rory who had charmed and romanced her. The Jack Rory she desired.

But it was starting to seem as if that Jack Rory might never reappear. And that was a fate Destiny was unwilling to accept.


True, Jack Rory was no longer morose and withdrawn. In fact, he was quite chipper. However, he seemed to have become immune to her suggestive murmurs and sultry caresses. Where once his heart had quickened visibly at the mere sight of her, now she could barely get him to make eye contact. He was distant where once he had been present.


Unfortunately, she knew the reason why: there was another woman in the picture. And that woman was Lisa. His therapist.

Who could have predicted Jack Rory would embrace therapy so whole-heartedly? Not Destiny, that was for sure. He had been so resistant to the idea. But after Lisa coached him through his emotional breakthrough, he was hooked.


Now his days consisted of frequent phone therapy sessions with Lisa, where he rhapsodized at length about his internal balance and emotional rhythms. (Destiny had eavesdropped on these calls a time or two, but found them too tedious to bear.)


In addition to the phone calls with Lisa, he was a regular at group therapy, where he shared in many a tearful embrace with his fellow attendees. (After the first few excruciating sessions, Destiny had begged off joining him, using work as an excuse.)


Destiny knew she had to face facts. Jack Rory had become a stranger. An irritating, New Age-y stranger. It was time for an ultimatum.

Destiny waited until Jack Rory hung up from one of his marathon sessions with Lisa before breaking the news.


“I need to get away from all this,” she announced. “I’ve booked myself a ticket to visit my parents down in Florida for the holiday. I’d like you to come with me. Otherwise, I want you out of my life.”

Jack Rory’s eyes widened.

“But…but, Destiny,” He stammered. “I can’t leave group now! Lisa says I’m finally making such great progress!”

“Lisa says, Lisa says,” Destiny repeated mockingly. “Do you even hear yourself? Pathetic.

“I’ll give you until tomorrow morning to make your decision. Now, good night.” She snapped off the light and rolled over, her back to him.


Jack Rory lay awake, staring into the moody darkness. He had some tough choices to make. Why was the world such a complicated place? He tossed and turned ’til dawn, finally falling into a fitful sleep.

It seemed like only moments later that he awoke to find light streaming into the room, and Destiny’s wide blue eyes fixed upon him.


“All right,” he croaked. “All right, I’ll go.”




I'm Sarah. I like to write things. Terrible things. I'm available to write terrible things for you. You can contact me at terriblethingshavehappened.gmail.com.
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