(Previously: MEET THE PARENTS)

Proclaiming herself famished after the long flight, Destiny happily accepted her parents’ invitation to go out for a nice lunch. The four of them–Destiny, Jack Rory, Cookie and Darth–went to a local sushi place where Darth had particularly enjoyed a recent meal.



The fish was fresh and delicious, and the conversation lively. Jack Rory felt himself beginning to relax in Darth and Cookie’s company. It was fun to hear their stories about Destiny as a young girl, and to laugh along with their inside jokes.


He hadn’t been welcomed into a family like this since…well, ever. But then:

“Jack Rory, honey, where are our manners,” Cookie cooed at him. “We’ve been going on and on and we haven’t even asked you about your family.” She seemed oblivious to the frantic hand signals Destiny was employing in an effort to silence her.

“Tell me,” she continued. “Where do your folks come from?”

Jack Rory’s spirits sank. “Well, ma’am, it’s a bit of a long story, and not an entirely cheerful one.”


“Yes, I think it’s one we can save for another day,” Destiny interjected. “Now who wants dessert?” But she was too late.

“Details about my life before the orphanage are scarce,” Jack Rory began.

He launched into the lengthy tale he was, by now, used to telling, as he’d shared it many a time since that first day in group therapy.


Jack Rory was so absorbed with the details, he didn’t notice the effect his words seemed to be having on Darth. He had just reached the part about the broken charm bracelet, when Darth suddenly spoke up in an almost unrecognizable voice.

“This orphanage,” Darth rasped. “Was it located deep in the woods, and operated by a raging alcoholic?”

“Yes,” Jack Rory replied in wonderment. “How did you…” Only then did he notice what Darth was gripping in his fist.


“Jack Rory,” Darth said. “I am your father.”

“You’re…my…what?” Jack Rory stammered in confusion. “How…why…how…what is going on?” Somehow in his state of shock, he managed into the hidden pocket where he always kept the bracelet and pulled it out.


There was no doubt they matched.

“Oh my God,” Jack Rory said. He felt dizzy with new knowledge. He had a father! And then it dawned on him.

“But this means…” He made eye contact with Destiny across the table. She stared back at him, a sick expression in her eyes.


“Yes,” Darth said. “The two of you are brother and sister.”


Destiny covered her mouth and looked as if she were about to vomit. Jack Rory was speechless.


All he knew was that he had to get himself to the airport as quickly as possible. He needed an emergency therapy session with Lisa, and he needed it now.






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