I originally started Terrible Things Have Happened with the intent of chronicling some of the minor catastrophes of my day-to-day life. Social awkwardness, stupid mistakes, suspect stylistic decisions, etc. (See: A Hairy Situation.)



Because I am lazy, I never did much with it. Why blog about minor catastrophes when you can text about them?

Last year, an Elf on the Shelf came into our lives. Instructed to give him a name, the kids dubbed him Jack Rory. Night by night, we parents dutifully moved him around the house. Sometimes we forgot and had to explain that Jack Rory had decided to return to the exact same spot as the day before, just to be tricky. Other times we remembered in the middle of the night and groggily argued over whose turn it was to get up and move the damn elf. The kids had fun with it, but not so much fun that we felt it was worth it.

So I decided to make it fun for me, too. If we’re going to have this grinning little freak in our house for the month of December, his story will be told. And so began the chronicles of Jack Rory. 



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